Please, we need to know the string length of the bow.
Actual String Length (ASL):
Please let us know what type of bow you will be using the string with. This helps us determine the proper loop size.
Loop Size (By Bow Type):
Hill Style
Custom (Please provide in Order Comments section below)
Nock Fit (If nothing is put, it will be served to gold tip):
Tiny Cats (1 pair of 1") (+$3.00 per item)
Double Tiny Cats ( 2 pair of 1") (+$6.00 per item)
Cat Whiskers( 1 pair of 1.75") (+$3.00 per item)
Double Cat Whiskers(2 pair of 1.75") (+$6.00 per item)
Yarn Puffs(1 set) (+$3.00 per item)
Yarn Puffs(2 pair) (+$6.00 per item)
Two Tracks Wool String Scallops (+$6.00 per item)
Two Tracks Wool String Scallops(2 pair) (+$12.00 per item)
Recurve Wraps (+$3.00 per item)
Tie on Nocking points (2 or 3) (+$1.00 per item)
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  • Description

All x99 strings are composed of 20 strands in the main body and loops.  At one time I believe X to be the standards.  The X99 come became my new standard.  With it's smaller diameter it makes a clean string even cleaner, with the added strands you're getting product that is thinner, more stable, and more durable than the former X.  

Pay with Check

To pay with check, after you have clicked check out and logged in, please type, “PAYING WITH CHECK”, in the “ORDER NOTES” space, type, “PAYING WITH CHECK”,  submit order and send check to:

Daniel Binkley
1092 Billy Cy Rd

Grayson, La 71435

Silencer Colors   (select up to 2 colors)

To apply a color, put the color(s) you want in the order comments at the bottom of page.

The Whisker colors are:
black, red, brown, pumpkin, purple, flo yellow, blue/black, flo pink, flo green, zebra, and white

The Yarn Puff colors are:
black, blue, red, grey, and autumn camo.

What is FF Approved?

FF is short for Fast Flight.  FF is for bows that have some type of overlay to protect the limb tips.

If your bow is a vintage bow, I will make you whatever you want, but I do highly recommend NOT using FF material on vintage bows.  Is a few fps worth blowing your bow up over?