Harmon’s Bull

Harmon Elk“When I first heard the limb snap, I wasn’t sure if it was game coming down the trail or a squirrel throwing pine cones. The patch of yellow hair, accompanied with a heavy main beam passing through a gap in the trees quickly diffused any doubt I had. My heart was racing as the bull came down the ridge and paused momentarily a mere 16 paces away. My world seemed to slow down as I increased pressure on the string of my longbow. All of my focus was on the hairs I expected my arrow to split on the bull’s chest. Before I realized the string had left my hardened grip, I saw the shaft of my arrow bury to the fletching among those same hairs. The bull exited stage left with a crashing burst of adrenaline. Within seconds the mountain fell silent except for my heavy breathing. I realized that just over the ridge lay my second traditional elk kill and my first bull with a longbow. Thank you Daniel for making a silent killer that helped make this possible!”

Harmon was shooting his, ever faithful, Zbowstick with easton Hexx arrows and a 175 grain Simmons Tigershark.

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